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Aesthetics of Violence

This work describes the outline of a paradigm for the understanding of violence as a form of human self-expression.
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by David L. Rowlands

The first part of this two-part work was written as part of the requirements for David's Honours program. During the same year that the university decided to disestablish the Anthropology Department, David was made Student Representative; his honours thesis received a IIA pass - just a few points short of the first-class pass he needed to be given a grant to continue his studies and his career as an anthropologist.

After six years of study, David was thus forced to look for the only other work for which he was qualified, cleaning and labouring, having apparently wasted six years of his life attempting to build a career as an anthropologist.

Unhappy with this situation, and inspired by his reaction to Jane Goodall's work with chimpanzees, David realized how close his honours thesis was to a paradigm for violence and wrote the second part of this book.

Although lacking the resources of a university library at the time the second section was written, David managed to produce this work, which describes the outline of a paradigm for the understanding of violence as a form of human self-expression; a paradigm which has been sadly lacking in the study of anthropology ever since this discipline first emerged during the late 19th century.

222 pages softcover

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