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A quotation request form is available at http://www.digitalprintaustralia.com/www/pod-books/pod-sample-or-quote.html
You can request a free sample book of any our book styles at http://www.digitalprintaustralia.com/www/pod-books/pod-sample-or-quote.html
Terms as stated on quotation form part of these terms and conditions. By placing an order with Digital Print Australia, you indicate acceptance of these terms and conditions.


An order request form is available here. Standard production turnarounds are as follows, subject to demand at the time of ordering. Wherever we can we will endeavour to dispatch as soon as possible.

 Set-up and proof  5-8 working days
 1-10 copies  4 working days from approval
 11-30 copies  6 working days from approval
 31-100 copies  7 working days from approval
 101-250 copies  10-15 working days from approval
 251-500 copies  15-20 working days from approval
 500+ copies  by agreement with Digital Print Australia

A once-off artwork setup fee of $110 (GST inc) is applicable to prepare print-ready art from supplied files. Digital Print Australia reserves the right to charge this fee again or appropriate if artwork is changed after initial run at our discretion. Copies over requested quantities of orders held by Digital Print Australia remain our property until paid for by client. Additional artwork charges may apply if further correctional or design work is required.


Wherever possible we will deliver a soft proof PDF via email or FTP prior to production. This does not substitute for a physical proof copy and approval of a PDF proof does not equate to approval of a physical proof.  One physical proof copy is included as part of stup cost, unless otherwise stated at commencement, and any further proofs are charged at the 1 copy rate. We can not be responsible for content accuracy unless a signed, approved physical proof or proof approval form is completed and returned to us. Digital Print Australia will not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions where a physical proof of the latest revision of a title has not been approved.
Waiving the approval of a physical proof copy indicates acceptance of responsibility for any errors and omissions.


ISBN numbers can be purchased from the Australian ISBN agency at Thorpe-Bowker at http://www.thorpe.com.au. Catalogue-in-Print record applications from the National Library of Australia can be requested at no cost from http://www.nla.gov.au/services/cip_form.html. Where either application is made further information about the title may be requested directly to client from Bowkerlink or the National Library of Australia. To satisfy Australian Legal Deposit requirements, a copy of the book must be supplied to both the National Library of Australia and the relevant State Library of the client’s address. This applies only to Australian authors/publishers and international clients must fulfill their own nation’s legal requirements regarding ISBN, CiP acquisition and Legal Deposit.


Payment is due at the time of confirmation of an order by Digital Print Australia. Either acceptable payment details for credit card / direct debit, full payment by cheque / money order, paid on pickup or agreed conditions with Digital Print Australia must be received or agreed upon prior to dispatch of produced books. Cheques / money orders should be made payable to Digital Print Australia Pty Ltd. All quotations, invoices and receipts are in Australian Dollars, except where indicated.


Any books received not in good order due to manufacture error will be replaced by agreement with Digital Print Australia. Lost or transit damaged books in most cases will also be replaced but we will not accept direct responsibility for loss or damage once the order has been dispatched. Damaged or errored stock must be returned to Digital Print Australia, 135 Gilles Street, Adelaide, South Australia,  5000 within 21 days of receipt for replacement. Digital Print Australia will not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions where a physical proof of the latest revision of a title has not been approved.




$55 (incl GST) per title initial listing setup fee for authors/self-publishers.
$16.50 (incl GST) per title initial listing setup fee for distributors and publishers (minimum of 4 titles).
10% sales commission on list price on all purchases through website + normal 1 book production rate as quoted (minus any shipping costs as the purchaser will cover that). Royalties will be remitted on a monthly basis to your choice of bank account, cheque, or credit to your account with us.  Any books not held in digital archive by us will attract the normal setup fee for print as outlined in quotation. Payment of setup fees is due at time of submission and cannot be offset against sales unless previous agreed to by Digital Print Australia.


All titles will be listed indefinitely until instructed otherwise.


Features and requirements for the listing will be:

  1. Descriptive text - this will appear as the main body of text on a title’s information page. In the absence of supplied text we will use the back cover blurb or any other appropriate text from the title.
  2. Cover Picture - we will create these from the book cover art.
  3. Short PDF sample of text - typically Chapter 1 or Introduction/Preface of title and will be created from text art by us.
  4. List Price - to be supplied by author/publisher/distributor.  Please indicate whether your desired list price is GST inclusive or exclusive. in the absence of this indication we will assume the price is GST inclusive.
  5. URL to external site - to be supplied by author/publisher/distributor (optional).
  6. ISBN - (optional).




Books ordered through the webstore under normal circumstances will be produced and dispatched within 5 working days of receipt of payment. Payments by cheque may also require clearing days. Orders will be confirmed on receipt of payment and dispatched via email to the ordering party by the existing system.




Digital Print Australia reserves the right to randomly offer books on special on the homepage sidebars. Typically this will be for 14 day stretches and will amount to a 10% discount which will be deductible from royalties. If you do not wish your titles to be included in this please advise at submission time. If at any time you wish to offer specials on any of your titles deliberately (eg. launches) we will happily enable this for you.



As from 21 December 2001, new laws protect the privacy of your company’s personal information. As a client of Digital Print Australia, we hold personal information about you and we may from time to time obtain additional information from you in the normal conduct of our business relationship. Digital Print Australia uses your personal information to:

  • Carry on ongoing business activities with you
  • Administer and manage our account with you
  • Facilitate internal operations and fulfil any legal obligations
  • Carry out confidential maintenance of our computer systems

We may disclose your personal information:

  • To our staff, contractors or third party service providers that provide financial, administrative or other services for the purposes of Digital Print Australia’s business and fulfillment of orders placed by you
  • Where the law requires us to do so
  • If you consent

You are entitled to request access to your personal information held by Digital Print Australia and to ask us to change any details which are incorrect.

Requests must be addressed in writing to:
The Privacy Officer
Digital Print Australia Pty Ltd
135 Gilles Street
Adelaide SA 5000

Below is a copy of The National Privacy Principles (in summary). We also include, for the benefit of both parties, a “Privacy Responsibility” document for your completion and return to us. We will then countersign and return a copy to you.

“The Australian National Privacy Principles” – in summary

  1. Collection – Only necessary personal information may be collected and individuals should be made aware of the purpose.
  2. Use and Disclosure – Generally organisations may not use personal information for any other purpose unless the individual’s consent has been gained for the subsequent use.
  3. Data Quality – Expectation that personal information will be accurate, complete and up to date.
  4. Data Security – Organisations must implement processes which ensure that personal information is protected from misuse, loss and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.
  5. Openness – An organisation’s privacy policy should be made available to anyone on request.
  6. Access – On request, individuals should be able to access personal information held about them.
  7. Correction – If someone finds that information held about them is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date, an organisation must take reasonable steps to correct them.
  8. Anonimity – Wherever possible or practicable, individuals must have the option of not identifying themselves when entering transactions.
  9. Transborder Data Flows – Prevent an organisation from disclosing personal information to a recipient in a foreign country that is not subject to a comparable information privacy scheme (except with the individual’s consent).
  10. Sensitive Information – You cannot collect sensitive information (health information, ethnicity, sexuality, marital status etc.) unless the individual has consented, it is required by law or, in special circumstances relating to health services (eg. relevant to public health or safety).

The Privacy Act and all the relevant information you may need can be accessed through the user-friendly website of the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner at http://www.privacy.gov.au


Company Name:


Digital Print Australia Pty Ltd (“Digital Print Australia”) provides services (“Services”) for the client named above (“Client”). To facilitate Digital Print Australia’s provision of the Services, the Client may from time to time provide Digital Print Australia with Data incorporating Personal Information. The Privacy Act 1988 (as amended), which includes the National Privacy Principles, prescribes mandatory principles for the collection, use and handling of Personal Information.


In this document:
“Data” means data and other information in whatever form provided by, or on behalf of the Client to Digital Print Australia in order for Digital Print Australia to perform the Services and may include, but not be restricted to, customer details, phone numbers and other lists, and product information. “Personal Information” means the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth) and the National Privacy Principles contained in that Act.

Digital Print Australia’s responsibility:

In providing the Services,Digital Print Australia will:
(a) keep confidential and ensure that its officers, employees, agents and contractors keep confidential the data and take all steps as may be necessary, prudent or desirable in order to safeguard the confidentiality of the Data;
(b) not disclose the Data to any person unless disclosure is:
  (i) to Digital Print Australia’s employees, agents or contractors and is necessary for the provision of the Services;
  (ii) requested or authorised by the Client; or
  (iii) required by law; and
(c) comply with the Privacy Laws.

Client responsibility:

In consideration of Digital Print Australia continuing to provide the Services to the Client;
1. The Client warrants that:

  • the Data is accurate and up-to-date
  • and any Data or materials provided by or on behalf of the Client in order for Digital Print Australia to perform the Services have been collected and recorded in compliance with the National Privacy Principles.

2. The Client will supply data and materials to Digital Print Australia in accordance with the National Privacy Principles.Digital Print Australia, its employees and officers will not be responsible for any claims, liabilities, demands, fines, costs or expenses resulting from the handling or use of Data or materials provided by the Client that are not in compliance with the National Privacy Principles.


On behalf of Digital Print Australia Pty Ltd by its duly authorised officer:


On behalf of The Client by its duly authorised officer:


Please ensure that this document is returned to:
The Privacy Officer
Digital Print Australia Pty Ltd
135 Gilles Street
Adelaide SA 5000


Digital Print Australia reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.