Chameleon: The Death of Sherlock Holmes

A new mystery for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's legendary detective Sherlock Holmes - will it be his last?
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by Annette Siketa

When Lady Halifax is brutally murdered, the finger of blame points to Charles Lidell. But her ladyship’s granddaughter, Ferris Buckley, is not convinced of Lidell’s guilt, and turns to Sherlock Holmes for help.

More murders, an assassination, and a series of robberies have Holmes at his wit’s end, for all these events are linked to: “The most profound criminal of my career.”

Chameleon is everywhere and no-where, a seeming non-entity with unlimited resources. Then, just as Holmes is about to lay hands on the villain, his supposed hideout is blown to pieces. But the master criminal has underestimated the tenacity of the master detective, and though seriously injured in the explosion, Holmes pursues his quarry vicariously through an enterprising journalist, Jerome Fandor, who just happens to be the hitherto missing suspect, Charles Lidell.

246 pages softcover

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