The Theban Trilogy

This book is a thrilling fantasy, filled with diverse creatures, cultures, wizards and mystical beings that lead you through 3 intertwined adventures of good vs evil, redemption, finding love & finally learning that 'life is the greatest power of all'.
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by Tony DeLorger

The Theban Trilogy contains three books under one cover - The Mountain Diva of Thebos, Mangarna in Exile & The Theban War. This book is a fast-paced, thrilling fantasy, filled with diverse creatures, cultures, wizards, mystical beings & heart-warming characters that lead you through three intertwined adventures of good versus evil, struggle against adversity, redemption, finding love & finally learning that 'life itself is the greatest power of all'.

The Theban Trilogy will stay with you long after you've turned the final page. The Theban Trilogy (pronounced Thee-bon) explores the contention that cultural diversity need not lead to conflict and isolation, but can be the very glue that binds all life together as one.

The first book involves an evil wizard, stolen sacred crystals and a diabolical weapon that could control all living things. There is a hero, a quest, a love story and a coming together to fight for the common good. It is a classic tale of good versus evil, but with a far deeper message. It is touching and humorous as well as fast-paced and filled with adventure, the diverse cultures and characters enriching the experience.

The second book deals with redemption and the possibility that even the darkest soul can transform under the light of truth. It involves an exile, forced self-reliance and survival. Having found himself caught in the middle of an age-old war between two very different cultures, the once evil central character unwittingly becomes the peacemaker and transforms a desert into a paradise, evil into good and finds love along the way. There is hardship, a spy, double jeopardy, plots and counter plots, deception and in the end, averted war and eventual peace.

The third and final book brings together the characters from the two previous stories in a struggle against outside invaders bent on their destruction and the control of their island to initiate the conquest of the northern lands. Here old adversaries must learn to forgive past transgressions in order to succeed and rid the island of Terris of these warrier invaders. High adventure, conflict, strategy, old and new friendships with diverse characters make the finale to this saga a fascinating and compelling read. In the end integration, co-operation and the knowledge that good can conquer all accomplish victory and peace.

The book was written for young adults, but will beloved by young children and adults alike. Good readers of 9 years + will love the experience.

532 pages softcover

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"This book stands side by side with 'Lord of the Rings', or perhaps even a little higher. The Theban Trilogy is a MUST READ! I can't give it a high enough recommendation."
Shirley Johnson - MidWest Book Reviews, USA.

"Tony DeLorger has created an epic work on a mammoth scale, peopled by creatures and characters from the depths of a truly fantastic imagination. This is a story to be read and re-read again and again, a true classic!"
Paul Edmund Norman - The Gateway, UK

"I've read over 100 books in the last twelve months and The Theban Trilogy is definitely one of the best!"
Jack Gillespie - 9 years old, Australia.

"I absolutely loved The Theban Trilogy, it was brilliant!"
Steve Brown - State Manager, Australia.

About the Author

Anthony Raymond DeLorger was born in the southern suburbs of Sydney, Australia in 1953. Coming from an artistic family he studied art and photography and began a career in advertising in his twenties.

Since then his experience has broadened into business management and marketing. He is an accomplished musician, designer, graphic and fine artist, and has written commercially for tabloid and magazine advertising as well as for radio and television commercials- concepts, music and scripts.

Personally he has experienced tragedy in his life with the death of his first born child, losing both parents to cancer and having been through two previous marriage break-ups.

He also suffers from Dysthymia, a long-term form of depression. Because of these experiences, he has gained a unique perception of the human psyche, conditioning and motivations, which he uses to advantage in his writing.

Tony now resides in Adelaide with his wife of 20 years and their two children. He also has three older children from his previous marriage, one in Sydney, one in Canberra, and one in Queensland.

532 pages softcover