Out of Australia

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by David J Delaney

A unique anthology of poetry covering many facets of Australian landscapes, military exploits, historical and everyday culture.

"David J Delaney's latest compilation of poetry, aptly titled, Out of Australia is a journey into the mind of a gifted storytellers's progression in the art. As readers, Delaney takes us on a wondrous journey of discovery. We experience the magic of his distinctive style covering a vary array of Australia and the spirit of its people. A true poet sharing his skill with the rest of the world and giving his readers a never-ending source of enjoyment."
Stuart Ross McCallum, author of Beyond My Control

"Out of Australia by David J Delaney, seems three dimensional with characteristics from another individual's perspective; whether in existence or throughout the eternal soul in which one departs. David is an upcoming well-known poet, globally. THis compilation is a must read, as it excels as David invites the reader to join him on his own poetic journey."
Steven "LH" Sr, President & CEO, ASA Publishing Co. Michigan USA

"David J Delaney's poetry epitomises the 'fair dinkumness' of Australia and its people. His work is genuine and appealing with dimensions of bush ballads, military themes, love and family. Dave's journey as a poet in this anthology shows his dedication to refine his craft as a writer. He is emerging as a 'true blue' popular verse-maker."
Hazel Menehira FTCL, ANZDA, RTSCA, internationally recognised poet

216 pages softcover

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