The Cicada

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by Inge Meldgaard

The year is 2450 C.E. and the world has enjoyed two centuries of peace. The population of the planet has stabilised at 3 billion following the devastating effects of climate change, famine, disease and wars that raged for nearly 200 years. One central government, the World Federation of Nations, based in Luzern, Switzerland, administers the judicial needs of all nations through its General Assembly and funds scientific research dedicated to restoring the planet's fragile ecosystems.

But greed and corruption go hand in hand with power, and for some, the stakes are high.

At a principal research facility located in Melbourne, Australia, a scientist is assaulted and vital data stolen from their computer records. Almost simultaneously, three other facilities around the world are similarly compromised. When violent murder impacts upon the course of events, Federation investigators realise they are dealing with a dark conspiracy whose tendrils reach far across the globe. They enlist the support of the scientists and their sometimes capricious cats; mysterious creatures bred in special centres.

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"The Cicada is brilliantly conceived and beautifully written, playing out its enthralling story in Australia and Europe and offering an insightful preview of what life could be like 400 years into the future. This highly imaginative novel by Inge Meldgaard has raised the bar in the Sci-Fi genre."

John Kelly, author 'Hiroshima Sunset'