Love and Fear …a deadly combination

This is a true account of a marriage of hidden secrets and danger involving a young innocent woman and an older man with a dubious past.
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by Gail Bradwell.

This book discloses the obsessive nature of a husband who believed it was his right and privilege to maintain total power and ownership over his wife. He managed to achieve this by verbal abuse, brute force and threatening to kill her if he felt it necessary.

The wife stayed in the marriage for twelve stormy and traumatic years, as from time to time she glimpsed and sometimes held onto for months the image of the wonderful person she had married.

She eventually fled for her life.

Some readers’ comments...

“I didn’t want to give it back – I kept reading it over and over – unbelievable.”

“I knew that you had a bad marriage and it shocked me to know how bad; I have admiration for your lack of vengeance.”

“Proud of you for having the courage and patience to write the story. It needed to be told. I will be passing on your experience to other solicitors in the field of divorce.”

252 pages softcover.

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