My Journey of Self Awareness

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by Elaine Miller

Elaine Miller was born in 1940 at Cardiff, South Wales, in the United Kingdom. She married her husband Gordon in 1960 and had three sons. In 1967, Elaine and her family immigrated to Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, where they lived until 1998, before moving to Queensland's Gold Coast. Elaine has taught Ballet, Keep-Fit classes and all branches of Yoga, during a period of almost fifty years. She has been an active participant in many sports including baseball, golf, wind-surfing, triathlons and kayaking. She has also run a Keep-Fit School, a Yoga Therapy Clinic and a Yoga Ashram.

At present she resides at Burleigh Waters on the Gold Coast with her husband Gordon. Her first book 'A Guide to Self Awareness' was published by Poseidon Books in 2003.

186 pages softcover

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"This book is brilliant. It is totally absorbing and has a great step-by-step approach to advice. Elaine excels; she is one who truly lives her words."
Barbara Williams

"A passionate, coherently written testament of a person's powerful growth in God's Love. Thank you for the very interesting account of your journey of consciousness."
John and Sandra