Photograpy Customer

We have a customer who has been photographing her environment for over 20 years. Living on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, she is fortunate in never having had to walk too far for inspiration.

Her portfolio includes surfing, the natural beauty of the Sunshine Coast beaches and what appears to be a significant group of friends who enjoy frequenting local coffee shops.

We have been producing calendars for friends and family of her for several years. Last year a local store owner asked her to produce a calendar containing local images that he could sell in his store.

This year she will produce calendars for no less than eight other store owners on the coast, such was the success of her first semi-professional venture.

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Corporate Customer

The cd-cased desk calendar is one of our most popular lines. Compact, neat, inexpensive to purchase and to post and highly decorative, it sits comfortably in any home or office environment.

Our extensive range of royalty free photos may be used in all our calendars, or naturally they present a great opportunity to display the photographs of staff members or even clients who you may wish to involve in your annual promotion.

Your logo will remind the calendar recipient of your company and services year round.

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Car Club Customer

Photographic opportunities abound at these and other events (rallies, picnics, car runs, historic meets etc.) and many clubs conduct competitions to see whose photographs should appear in the following year’s calendar.

Whether your interest be Ford or Holden, British, American, European, vintage, classic, hot rod or modern, the opportunity to display the pride and joy of your club members engenders pride and also presents an opportunity to sell calendars as a fund raiser for the club.

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Fundraising Customer

Sporting clubs of any nature, photography groups, bush walkers, caravanners, book club members … the list is endless … are all groups with opportunities to record their memories and present them as a wall or desk calendar which makes a very handy fund raiser for the group.

We understand how well calendars work for fundraising and we are happy to help. On all orders over 100 units (desk or wall calendars) we will supply, at no charge, 15 percent extra units. This offer only applies to charities or groups doing calendars to support a charity.

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Your own family photo calendar

Another extremely popular item is the family photo calendar.

Everyone can contribute to this eagerly awaited item, generally mixed in with the Christmas presents, or perhaps it can be grandma’s annual project alone!

Selecting images that capture the spirit of the family and their yearly adventures is an exciting pastime, and once the family has seen the results, there will be no shortage of contributions for each year to follow.

Personalised family calendars are a very special gift for loved ones, and greatly appreciated by everyone.

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