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Catalogue Printing

Catalogue printing dot 1Help to promote a large range of products

Catalogue printing dot 24 styles of binding, saddle stitched, perfect bound, hard cover or wire bound

Catalogue printing dot 3Reduce your overheads by only printing smaller quantities

Catalogue printing dot 4Colour or black and white printing

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Perfect Bound - Soft or Hard Cover Binding


Perfect Binding, also known as soft cover binding, is much like paper back novel binding. A strong adhesive is used to glue the pages in place by attaching them to a soft cover.


Hard Cover Binding, is much like coffee table book. 

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Saddle Stitched Binding

Saddle Stitch Binding is a technique that holds loose printed, folded, and nested pages with staples or stitches at the centre of the fold (the spine).
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Wire Binding

Bound with continuous hinge of double loops of wire to hold the book together. This look is widely used among graphic designers because it provides a stylish and professional metal finish. This style of binding also lays flat for the user.


Catalogue printing is simply making catalogues. Catalogues are comprehensive listings of products available for sale. You'll be able to include photos for each product to assist customers pick the best one.You'll be able to advertise the various sizes which you offer.You'll be able to explain every item right down to the smallest detail if you want.