1I keep getting an error when I try to save




This is caused by a network connection issue and in 99% of cases happens only on wireless networks. Our software needs a stable, constant internet connection in order to be able to save. Some wireless networks are well known for not being stable. While this is ok when surfing the net, as a refresh or clicking on another link will re-establish a connection, it can cause saving problems with our software. Your internet may be working fine for other sites and emails, but you will still need to re-establish a new connection for our software to save.


There are two ways of fixing the connection problem

1 - The first is to logout of the software and log back in. You will however lose any work since you last saved.
2 - The second is to disconnect from the wireless network and reconnect. You could also try restarting the modem. Providing you don’t refresh the web page or logout prior to fixing the connection, you should be able to still save any unsaved work.

Disconnecting a wireless connection in windows 7, 8 or Vista


Follow these steps to disconnect from the network.

1 • Choose Control Panel from the Start menu.The Control Panel window appears.
2 • Open the Control Panel’s Network and Sharing Centre.
 Open the Network and Sharing Centre to display the wireless connection, along with all sorts of information and handy links to click.
3 • Click the Disconnect link.

It’s on the right side of the wireless connection information, at the bottom, as shown above.

4 • Reconnect to the network

Disconnecting a wireless connection from your laptop in Windows XP

Follow these steps to disconnect from the network in XP.

1 • Choose Control Panel from the Start menu.

The Control Panel window appears.

2 • Click the Network Connections icon.

The Network Connections window appears.

3 • Right-click the wireless network connection icon.
4 • Choose Disable from the pop-up menu.
5 • Reconnect to the network

 Disconnecting a wireless connection from your Macintosh Laptop


1 • Click on the Wi–Fi icon on the top right hand corner and select "Turn Wi–Fi Off"



2 • Once you have disconnected. Click "Turn Wi–Fi On"