Butterfly Kisses

This book documents the author's struggle with coping with the tragic suicide of her son and the subsequent death of her partner's son. It explores the emotional rollercoaster ride she experienced and the toll the unfortunate events took on her family relationships.
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by Trish Schafer

In this book, the author, Trish Schafer, takes your hand and walks you through a mother’s perspective in her journey in finding herself, when having to deal with the tragic circumstances that life has thrown her.

In a raw and real delivery, you will get to do the journey of learning to live. Finding out who you are and dealing with those parts of yourself that no one wants to look at.

The question to the reader is can you remain unchanged when you have finished the read?


Trish lives in Brisbane,Queensland with her husband and children. When she isn’t writing, she works as a nurse and aged care trainer.

202 pages softcover

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