A well illustrated story of life in the Derwent Valley, Tasmania, between the 1920s and 1960s.
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by Steve Balmforth

Glenleith Memories and Stories is a snapshot of a way of life that was commonplace for many rural communities in the Derwent Valley of Tasmania from the late 1920's through to the late 1960's.
The personal recollections of those who grew up, worked and have family links to the 'Glenleith' property are recorded as a memory to a time long past.
The hop picking stories at 'Glenleith', and the inclusion of photographs that show some of the people and activities involved will bring back memories to many. They will also provide an insight for a younger generation as to ëlife on the farmí and the history of the 'Glenleith' property.
The book has been compiled by Steve Balmforth, whose family have strong links to the property from the early 1900's, with support from many who offered their personal recollections.
Steve grew up on 'Glenleith', lived, and worked in the Derwent Valley community for over 35 years before moving to New South Wales. Although he has been living in Victoria for over 20 years he maintains strong family ties and commitment to the region.
An avid writer and keen photographer, this is Steve's first foray into publishing and with the support shown for this project, it's likely that there will be follow up documents recording the Balmforth family history.

96 pages softcover

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