Makers of the Future

Robert Cowan and Anne Rainger recount the histories and lineage of their family tree.
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Our ancestral families that helped shape our present days

by Robert Cowan and Anne Rainger.

Makers of the Future introduces individuals and families that make our family tree. The book starts when each family or an individual first appear in a written record.

The first chapter is set out geographically by country, county, town or village showing the many different places where families originated and in some cases showing how each one survived in more difficult times than we live today.

Where records have been found, we show why individuals or whole families decided to make the journey to the new colonies or nation of Australia. The book includes the experiences of those who lived through World Wars.

It contains sixty eight photograph images, most of these direct line ancestors but there are also images of ships, some buildings and printed materials. There are also thirty eight family charts (pedigree and descendant). To assist readers navigate the book there is an extensive table of contents and this is complimented by a name index.

Some family names included in this book: Baldwin, Cavanagh, Cowan, Davis, Firth, Garfit, Gatfield, Grimes, Hamlyn, Hatter, Jones, Leather, McCutcheon, Norman, Penny/Oldridge, Senior, Warne, Westby, Wooldridge, Andersdotter, Anderson, Batchelor, Baumgartel, Bruhn, Danielsdotter, Faint, Greenwood, Halliwell, Hargraves, Hepworth, Holohan, Johansdotter, Jonsson, Mills, Munsie, Rainger, Scholey, Shether/Sheader, Slattery, Svensson, Swanson, Todd, Weeks, Welsh, Williamson.

390 pages softcover.

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