Nancy Wake: Memories and Anecdotes

James Cowley was one of the few people Australian WWII heroine Nancy Wake called 'friend'. This book recounts the stories and memories he encountered during the times he spent in conversation with her..
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by James Cowley

There was much about Nancy Wake that was either untrue or exaggerated. That is to be expected of someone much in demand and larger than life.

Australia’s most decorated war heroine of the Second World War had witnessed debilitating wartime atrocities. No-one could remain mentally unscathed from what she experienced. Nancy struggled to contain her wartime experience and she was a great survivor. However the price she had to pay for her victory was horrific and destructive.

Jim only knew a little about Nancy Wake when they first met and the first thing he noticed was her raucous laugh. He came to realise how much this laugh camouflaged her life. In fact her tears of laughter and happiness were indistinguishable from tears of depression and sadness.

The author invites you to ponder aspects of Nancy’s life. Some facts are different from those generally accepted.  Others might completely surprise you. Either way, enjoy discovering a little more about a unique war heroine.

220 pages softcover

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