The Golfer's Bible

For those who seek success in the difficult game of golf and the even more difficult game of life.
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by Ron Holmes

Why make a game so difficult? Why not have the fairways 100 metres long instead of 400? Why not have the hole 30 cm across instead of 10? Why not remove all the bunkers and instead have the approach to each green a nicely sloping channel ending at the hole? Why not make it easy?

Why? Because it is the difficulty of the game that makes it worth playing. If it were easy there would be no sense of satisfaction with a good round. There would be no endless road of possible improvement to strive after each time you play. You would tire of it after six months and look for something else that had a greater challenge. You would never have before you the idea l of becoming a good golfer, perhaps even the best in the world!

Sometimes people ask the question, 'Why is life so difficult?' Could part of the answer be that life is difficult for the same reason that golf is difficult? Think about it!

Ron is a retired Church of Christ minister.

80 pages softcover

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