The Sales Bible for Builders

How to attract your perfect clients, charge for quotes and convert at 90% guaranteed!
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by Kurt Hegetschweiler and Daniel Simone

Find converting quotes challenging? Spend more time quoting than working?

Without making a sale nothing happens. This book is about fast tracking your business success with real life, best practice building industry sales and marketing strategies from the trenches that work. You and your team probably spend countless hours preparing and submitting quotes for clients which improve revenue and cash flow, when they convert. Conversely, the inevitable quotes done for tyre kickers are a complete waste of time and money!

Learn the specific sales and marketing processes and practical strategies used by the top 1% of builders to help you save time, headaches and convert as many as 90% of your quotes. This book outlines the essential tools needed to eliminate tyre kickers and will have you picking and choosing blue chip, high profit jobs, buying you back more time, money and peace of mind.

Having an effective sales process in place that complements your marketing efforts is vital to generating the profits you deserv e from your business. Where do you start and what should you include?

Read on to discover this and more...

122 pages softcover

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