Victorious Mother

Natural remedies to help your child win the mental health battle.
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by Carrie Liebich.

What if I told you our bodies were created to heal themselves? What if I told you a mental health diagnosis doesn’t have to be forever? What if I told you that once you learn what causes mental health problems, you can become a Victorious Mother? What if I showed you hundreds of ways to improve your child’s mental health naturally, even if you chose to continue using medications?

I’ve fought and won battles against depression, ADHD, autism, bipolar disorder, and anxiety. These diagnoses no longer define my son. He still has the labels ADHD and autism but he’s thriving, not diving. Almost a decade ago, his future was bleak; now, at 18 years old, he’s making plans for future employment, independent living, and one day starting a family.

Are you ready to join the movement? You are more victorious than you realize. Let me show you just how powerful you really are.

I have sat with Carrie, listened, and filled up notebooks with useful information that has helped shape my family. Applying what I have learned from her has calmed my son down, and given my home room to breathe!
Tami L., Ramstein, Germany

Carrie is a real blessing to me and my family, and my children are now thriving! She has a wealth of knowledge but shares it in a way that I can understand and immediately apply. She has given me confidence to take a more natural approach when it comes to caring for my family's health. Her teaching was especially instrumental in helping my 5 year old overcome night terrors and finally stay in bed at night.
Marissa C., Grants Pass, OR, USA

Carrie has helped guide me in so many ways; I now feel confident I can take my family's health into my own hands. She has shown me where to find the information, how to do the research, and how to know the best products to use for whatever the purpose is at the moment. - Amanda R., Wynnewood, OK, USA Her stories on natural remedies for mental health have changed my life from darkness to living in the light. I feel empowered to follow my intuition and win the mental health battle.
Nicole F., Colorado Springs, CO, USA

About the Author

Carrie Liebich is a professional speaker, natural remedy advocate, mental health champion, and educator. For the last seventeen years, she has researched the use of natural remedies to support her oldest son with autism and severe ADHD. Her God-given drive and enthusiasm to share her son’s journey to mental health and wellness using natural remedies has helped thousands of mothers to find their own success.

Carrie shares her passion through her worldwide seminars and workshops from her lifetime of experiences for the purpose of educating, encouraging, and empowering women with the knowledge to win the mental health battle for their children on their terms. She has blazed a trail to help women take charge of their family’s mental health using proven natural remedies and strategies.

Carrie lives in southern Arizona with her loving husband and eight wonderful children. Her favorite pastimes are laughing, cooking, dancing, and spending quality time with her family. Carrie has both homeschooled and utilized the public school system for her son with great success, all without using medication. While challenging, Carrie met the objections with tremendous resolve, and now her child and thousands of other children are experiencing the same successes she and her son have found.

After almost two decades, Carrie continues to focus on researching, studying, and sharing healthy living solutions for mental health using holistic methods, with the past seven years being devoted extensively to the use of pure, high-quality essential oils. Not one single over-the-counter or prescription drug will be found in her home. Her family of ten has experienced the benefit of using essential oils in many daily life occurrences, emotional stressors, and even several first aid and emergency situations.

Carrie’s extensive knowledge and experience has given her a gift for intuitively recognizing emotions and moods and a gift for finding healthy options to uncover the best strategy for long-lasting mental health success. As a gifted communicator, her strategies, break-through stories, and examples from her exploration and voyage to mental health freedom immediately resonate with moms seeking alternatives to Western medicine.

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