5 Creative Photo Book Ideas

5 Creative Photo Book Ideas


If you want to make fun digital photo books, you aren't alone.  Digital photo books are a major trend these days.  Not only does storing your pictures on the computer preserve them, but it also makes it easy to organize all of your photos into unique and fun digital photo books that you and your family members can enjoy.  In fact, most professional photo book printing services will provide software that makes the process of creating a digital photo book extremely easy.  All you have to do is decide on a theme for your book and then follow the simple instructions to make your vision come to life.


Unfortunately, it's not always easy to choose a photo book theme, especially if you have thousands of family photographs to pick from.  However, there's no need to get overwhelmed.  Here are 5 creative photo book ideas to help you decide.


Kids Books:


If there are kids in your family, you can use digital photo books to create books that are specifically designed to keep them entertained, and even to help them learn.  For example, you could create a book that tells a story about something that happened in your family using photographs.  You could also take photographs of different objects to use in a counting book, alphabet book, or book to teach kids about colors, shapes, or any other themes that you can come up with.  The possibilities are practically endless.


Pet Books:


If you have a family pet, you may want to consider creating a digital photo book of memories relating to that pet.  Whether the pet is a hamster, dog, cat, bird, or any other animal, you and your family will enjoy looking at a photo book of them doing whatever it is that you do.  You can even take pictures of two pets interacting together, or of your pet interacting with your family members.


Recipe Books:


Believe it or not, digital photo books can also hold all of your favorite family recipes.  Whenever you cook, just take some pictures of the finished products.  You can even include pictures of the slicing, dicing, stirring, and other steps.  Caption each photograph with the full recipe and any other comments that you and your family members might find useful later.  You can even list why the recipe is a favorite, whose favorite it is, or how the family came across it.  That's a great way to bring recipes to life for the whole family.


Birthday Books:


If you have kids, you can also create birthday books.  Try taking pictures of your child each year on his or her birthday.  Then, when they turn 18 or 21, present them with the digital birthday book.  If you'd rather not wait that long, just create a book using pictures from one of their birthday parties.  They'll love looking at it, both when you make it and when they get older.


Anniversary Books:


Last, but not least, another excellent digital photo book idea is an anniversary book.  If your parents, grand parents, or some other family members are about to celebrate an anniversary, use pictures of them throughout the year to create a digital photo book for them as a gift.  Have it professionally printed and they'll have a keepsake that they will cherish.

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