5 Fun and Fabulous Photo Books

Photo books make excellent keepsakes.  You can design them around all sorts of interesting themes.  You can even make photo books that remind friends or family members of certain events, such as trips or birthdays.  Here are 5 fun and fabulous photo books to get you started.



Recipe Books:


One of the most useful photo book ideas is the recipe book.  Instead of keeping disorganized books of recipes, or small cards that can easily get damaged or lost, why not combine your favorite recipes in a photo book format?  That way you can also include pictures of you and your family making or eating them.  You can even get your kids and other family members to help you create the book.  Then you can have copies printed for friends and family members as well.


A variation of that idea is that you could have family members and friends across the country or the globe e-mail you pictures of themselves, along with their favorite recipes.  The result will be a cookbook containing recipes from around the country, or around the world.  You can refer to it whenever you want to try a new and interesting recipe, or be reminded of a favorite relative or friend.


Pet Books:


Pet books are also fun photo books.  You can include pictures of your pets playing, or of various family members with your pets.  A pet photo book can be a good way to remember a pet once they are gone.  You could even make a photo book containing pictures of every pet that your family has ever had.  Your family members will love looking through the pages and remembering all the good times with their fluffy (or scaly) friends.


Wedding Books:


Photo books also make the perfect wedding gifts.  You can use pictures of the happy couple throughout their courtship to create a time line of their relationship.  You could even use pictures from the wedding and reception to complete the book, and then present it to them when they return from their honeymoon.  Any happy bride and groom would love to have such a personal gift.


Birthday or Graduation Books:


Birthdays and graduations are also great excuses to create photo books.  You can honor a person's accomplishments with photographs from their life.  For a birthday you might include pictures from past birthdays.  For a graduation you might choose to include photos from school plays, school sports events, and other times that mark the person's educational accomplishments.




Any sort of family remembrance book will make an excellent keepsake throughout the years.  You can create a photo book of pictures from family trips, birthdays, Christmas gatherings, and other events that were fun and important to your family's history.  You could devote a few pages, or an entire book, to each family member.  It all depends on the memories and moments that you want to preserve.


As you can see, there are many fun and fabulous photo books that you could potentially make.  So, just be creative and see what you come up with.  You'll be surprised at all of the great photo books that you can design, especially if you get your family to help.


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