Top 30 Reasons to Give a Photo Book as a Gift


1.  it displays important photographs and tells the stories that go with them.

2.  the informal, everyday moments in our lives are important.

3.  it can be as simple or as jam-packed with photos and writing as you like.

4.  it can be about a house, a person, a celebration, a place, a pet, a lifetime, shared histories, or a dream.

5.  it can chart an hour, a day, a month or decades of our lives.

6.  it says “these memories are worth keeping and talking about”.

7.  it includes photographs, words, memories, thoughts, images and quotes about favourite things.

8.  you choose the size and format.

9.  for a small gift you can make a photo book small and portable—to show off kids or grandkids, an event or a favourite pet—even one of those never-ending renovation projects!

10.  for a large gift you can make a large durable hardcover book.

11.  you can use one photo per page or dozens, depending on your photos, the scope of the project, and also on your mood.

12.  you choose the theme, style and message:  whimsical, serious, a celebration, a collage, a simple story, an important turning point, good times.

13.  a large photo book is your very own coffee table book to display.

14.  it starts conversations between friends, colleagues, and family members.

15.  it is a link between people and between generations.

16.  the photos themselves tell a story.

17.  you can get your photos off of storage devices and into the hands of people who will appreciate them.

18.  you’re creating a book and many of us love a good book, especially one that’s hand-made

19.  you can look through it with a child to tell them their story and to let them know they’re important.

20.  you can look through it with someone elderly and learn from them about their life and the times they’ve lived through.

21.  you can cherish it once people have passed away or places have changed.

22.  it is a miniature time-capsule or welcome message to pass along to others.

23.  it can chart some of the things that are most difficult to chart—friendships, family bonds, the pets, places, and people that we care about.

24.  a vacation can be captured in one little book (you can open the pages to be right back there).

25.  things change rapidly and photo books capture a series of moments in time.

26.  you can make only one and then print many copies for gifts.

27.  it’s easier to lose or misplace a printed photograph than a photobook:  all the photos are in once place and can’t fall out, get lost in the attic, be handed down only to a distant cousin, get forgotten on the computer or be shuffled around or scattered.

28.  there’s no need to run to the store or the mall for a present—you can make it at home or on the go—wherever you have access to the software.

29.  it arrives in the mail (and everyone likes receiving packages in the mail!).

30.  it’s fun to make and beautiful when it’s done—and unique, since the images and stories come from one unique source—and that source is you.

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