How to Write Clearly and Write Examinations

This book covers the essentials of clear writing techniques and teaches skills on how to plan for and perform well in examinations.
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by Christopher Enright

Clear writing interacts with clear thinking as each feeds into and feeds off the other. The key to clear writing is structure. The aim of structure is connection. Clear writing connects words in a sentence, one sentence to the next, a group of sentences to make a paragraph, one paragraph to the next and all the paragraphs to an overall structure.

Examinations are the high hurdles in the academic race. the fundamental aim of an examinee is to ensure that they optimise their performance in the examination room. The key to this is to devise an operational plan that directs their performance to this aim, whilst also taking full account of the nature of the examination environment. This book explains how to formulate such a plan.

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116 pages softcover

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About the Author
Christopher Enright is a chartered accountant, barrister and solicitor. He has lectured in law at several universities. He specialises in legal method.