Giving Hardcover Photo books as Gifts

Whether it is a first birthday or a fifty year anniversary, photo books are a great way to collect stories and memories together in a format that lends itself perfectly to gift-giving.  Two benefits of using a photo book to make a gift are that you can work on the project alone or as a small group, and you can choose the size of the book and the number of pages to use.  Sometimes the project expands as we start working on it — a book for a grandparent or an aunt or uncle may turn into a full-scale heritage album project, for example.  Some people are not aware that you can also add pages to your project — check the maximum number of pages the software allows, and expand your project as you like.


I have used hardcover books for family heritage albums I have sent to siblings during the holidays, as well as for a gift to my spouse celebrating a special vacation.  I have seen friends use the largest format of hardcover album for presents celebrating their parents’ anniversaries and also as very special birthday presents for a child — even if that child has since grown up and the book has become a celebration of his or her life!  A book like this created for a child is made even more special if photos are included from previous years, from the time he or she was a newborn to his or her current age.  And of course all of the gifts can be personalized with messages from a loved one or from several important people in the recipient’s life.  Adding the stories to your pages is one of the most important ways of capturing memories and celebrating the person you are making the album for!  If you are making a photo book into a gift, don’t be shy about asking for help from others who know the person the album is intended for.  You can ask for help with gathering photos, identifying who is in older photographs, and identifying where certain photos were taken.  You can also sit down with a relative or friend and create the album together.  It is an enjoyable activity and helps gain momentum for completing the project at the same time!

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